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Interim / project support of your company

“Freelancer”, an old English expression. It has its origin already in medieval times and was back then used for knights which had no permanent master and therefore offered their service to different masters for a certain timeframe.

Our skilful employees are usually engaged as “freelancers” for various companies in different branches. They work cost-efficient and extremely effective during project-concerning processes and provide therefore a highly effective output for the charging company.

The best and most logical implementation of the chosen problem-based strategy, leads to a fast achieving of the chosen aim which usually always guarantees a satisfied customer. This is made possible by project based use of the especially for this particular problem needed resources and staff.

Services we provide gently for your business:

  • Mercantile, Organisation, Project-Realisation
  • Customer service from A to Z (“no wish is left unfulfilled…”)
  • Project- executions, Project- planning and support during the realisation
  • Internal sales management
  • Personnel- affairs, assistance
  • Marketing, public relations, creativity-consulting
  • Public affairs, conflict-management, crisis-reaction-management

When are we needed?

We are there for you…

  • If you need to compensate an increase of work through exploiting new business areas during a certain timeframe. Need more employees? We provide you with specialists.
  • If you start pilot-projects and therefore need more staff
  • If you experience a seasonal need of employees and need professional personnel
  • If you intensify your operative business

Because of our independent positioning at the market we are able to judge your business-processes and employee-distribution in an objective and neutral way. This allows us to identify efficient improvement potential and provide immediate solutions.

Compared to traditional based personnel-leasing companies at the market, our modern enterprise distinguishes in the fact that our staff not necessarily has to work in your company. Concerning to the project based phase, our team can also participate in outsourcing processes to provide useful solutions for you.
Through this we achieve a unique flexibility concerning the action of our highly motivated employees; as also if you take the needed value-increase of your real estate into consideration.

And all this for minimum costs for you!

Our highest priority is the client in charge (that means you!) and of course the achieving of the given aim.

Because of our know-how your business work flow is always save considering any disturbances. Usually you’ll experience a know-how transfer from our skilful and experienced employees to your company, so you’ll profit anyhow.

Leave the “Brain Drain” to others….

Fast reaction in a short range of time, responding to the dynamic business-change on the market; that’s our strength!

Take advantage of that!

You can always rely on the experience of our long- standing employees. Trust, discretion and loyalty to the client are our commitment.

You have the vision, we realize it with you!
Our service team is keen on receiving your call. Don’t hesitate to contact us…