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Real-Estate-Risk-Management / Damage-Management

We identify, analyse and evaluate insurance relevant risks of your immovables.
The focus during this process is directed to the research and identification of weak points and dangers in already existing insurance policies; such as underinsurance, exclamation of substantial areas, analysis of the “small print”, reconsideration of selling-contracts, ascertainment of obsolete cover-areas of the insurance-contract and thereby cost-minimization.

Our knowledge includes building-, household-effects -, and capacity-insurances; but also running-business-interruption-insurances.

The already existing insurance policy is through the mentioned process-analysis perfectly adapted to the real requirements of your immovables.

This means for you an efficient cost-reduction-process considering long term real estate management; because cost-intensive areas are reduced to an absolutely necessary level while obsolete insurance parts are eliminated.

Concentrating on the already existing damages on your immovables, our team developes future aiming prevention strategies, which are planned to the long term range to save your immovables and to reduce the maintenance- costs.

We develop a manual with which you will be able to conserve and maintain your building during a risk-management-process by yourself.

Our systematic and methodical concepts will help you to establish that.

Despite all cost-reducing aspects is a logical and effective insurance necessary if you take the already in our times appearing global climate changes into consideration. They cause radical weather extremes which have direct affects on your immovable (storms, flashes, massive rainfalls, hail showers, etc.)

For the protection and conservation of your building!

Our experts accompany you during a damage case in terms of identifying the damage costs until to the necessary written correspondence with the insurance company.

Independence, efficiency, transparency in our actions to our client and of course loyalty to you is our philosophy for a successful risk management.

This is why our enterprise does not (under no circumstances) intercede or trade insurance policies. This is essential for our credibility. Otherwise we had to face a conflict of interests and would loose our neutral position.

The protection of your interests is our mission priority!